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Raw Ideas is a place for new, fresh ideas and creatives to grow and flourish.

Hi there! Welcome.

Thank you for taking the time to check this page out. *wave* My name is Alana. That's pronounced "uh-lai-nuh".

Instead of going into a long bit about me, feel free to check out those links above or do a Google search on "Alana Renfro". For a 30 second insight: combine 17 countries with an adventurer who has a passion for people, design, advertising, communications and making a difference for good.

Why Raw Ideas?

You've probably heard it a million times before *try hard to stifle yawn*... girl wants a blog, but she's saving herself for The Perfect Blog. Girl sits at home waiting to pursue The Perfect Blog and watching all her friends get blogs and happily settle down. Girl watches said friends blogs grow up, mature, and have little plump blogs of their own. Girl keeps wanting, dreaming ideas up and waiting for the most perfect, polished Blog ever and lets time pass her by until she is old, dry and gray... *and dramatic pause* collapses. See? You've heard that before, right?

Basically, I had a grand (yet simple) realization this week that if I kept sitting around waiting for the time to make a perfect blog (as I have these last few years), it might not ever happen. I've planned countless blogs over the years, developed web sites for others, and still kept waiting to start mine until I had the time, all of my resources/branding/collateral and the perfect idea. Its true that the hardest client is yourself, and it can be hard to set time aside for yourself. So here I am spontaneously throwing all caution up like a pile of leaves and simply starting it, jumping into the pile head first, and allowing the leaves to fall where they may.

Still Growing

If you've stumbled upon this... please realize it's in its embryo stages... it's not supposed to be hatched yet. Once I've got the content going and fully determined my "voice", I'll start editing the HTML, CSS, javascripting and all to make it look rad on the front end, along with finalizing my strategy, audience, and then begin to utilize in my social media. Then once its clean and hatched, I'll share with you and the world.

Until then, feel free to stop by if you like and peek in as this grows and develops.